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I have a "new" ST-8 and some older Nikon camera lenses (50mm, 105mm, 100-400 zoom) that I wanted to try with the ST-8. I bought the CLA-7 adapter (for Nikon) from SBIG. Black and white pictures were fine. My first images.

I then wanted to test the SBIG color wheel and to experiment with color pictures. Inserting the color wheel between the ST-8 and the CLA-7, I could image an object 8 inches from the lens (when the lens was focused at infinity). The extra "back focus" required by using the color wheel acted essentially as a "macro" adapter tube.

I then got a TeleVue 3x Barlow and unscrewed the short black "active" part of the barlow (the part containing the lenses) and put it inside the empty "barrel" of the CLA-7 (so that the negative lens would be right behind the last element of the Nikon lens). Two concentric plastic "eyepiece caps" (with the cap end cut off) served perfectly to hold and center the little 3x "tele-negative" lens assembly in the CLA-7 "T-adapter" tube.

I had to be careful that the little barlow did not push back too far into the color wheel to interfere with the rotation of the wheel.

Presto, now an object at 15 feet is in focus with the lens "focus setting" at about 5-feet, so I have more than enough correction to take pictures of "far away" (sky) objects. Slick! I thought others might like to know.

P.S. I had real difficulty getting the first color pictures to show the correct colors - until I discovered that my settings in CCDOPS for the filter positions had Green and Blue reversed! :)

Far better to debug that in the living room than out on a cold (and stormy, burrrrr) night!

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